The First Flight

The airplane is one of the all time incredible inventions that has ever been made. Come to think of it, is there anything else that is more fulfilling than sensational flying. The background behind the airplane discovery happens to be more fascinating considering all the science behind the discovery and all the effort that had to be used to make it a success. Although all the credit goes to the Wright brothers for their relenting hard work, it is believed that many more people had also tried the invention though most of them had not have a breakthrough like the write brothers and had no published record of them working on their discovery. So when was the first successful airplane flight?

Although there were a lot of attempted airplane flight since 1896 when the Wright brothers began their experiment, their breakthrough comes on 17th December 1903 where the first successful flight was made. This happened in North Carolina where it is believed that the airplane lasted for 12 seconds covering an estimated distance of about 120 feet. That set the beginning of successful flight experiment with the Wright brothers working on more improvement to last airplane longer in the air.

Before they could make their first successful flight, the Wright brothers had done a lot unsuccessful attempt. However, one of the main challenges that the Wright brothers faced was finding a self-sustaining equipment that would propel by airplane and overcome the force of gravity. This therefore meant that they had to do more research on where or how they could get a power engine that would efficiently work with their delicate invention. They needed an improvement on the then automobile engines. This was not that easy as none of the available power engine manufacturers would meet their specification,leaving them with the only option which was to manufacture their own engine.

The Wright brother embarked on an entirely new discovery that would complement their previous invention. A lot of resources and their manpower were now directed toward the power engine. More experiment were made to make sure that the engines were up to the task. These went on for some time until on that December where their invention would change the phase of the world. It may sound very easy, but trust me it was a whole new experience that not only required patience, it needed a lot of creativity, hard work, a lot of research and resources to make it possible.

Since then, a lot of research have been conducted, and more discoveries made that has made the airplane one of the most reliable transport system in the world. Despite all the risk associated with it, a lot of measures, and more components have been incorporated to the airplane that has made it more secure and easy to control. The rapidly growing technology has had a significant role to play in this incredible discovery. However, judging from the recent trend in technology, more improvement on the airplane should be expected. Although the Wright brothers were the original inventors which is much more important and worth noting, many more people have also come up with more inventions that have added to their school of thought; they also deserve the credit for their hard work as it would not have been possible without their contribution.

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